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20 Indian Almond (Catappa Leaves) - Medium

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Indian Almond Leaves (Medium)

Description: We work closely with a family-owned operation from a remote small village in Tamil Nadu, India. This ensures that these botanicals are free of pesticides, herbicides, and pollution. They hand pick all of our leaves to ensure the highest quality. The family rinses and sun dries the leaves prior to packaging to ensure a sustainable and organic process is in place.

The Indian Almond Tree (Terminalia catappa), provides several benefits to all inhabitants in the aquarium. It provides a golden brown hue to the water column, lowers the PH, and releases flavonoids into the water as the leaves decompose. All of these elements are truly appreciated by the animals that live in the water. While these tannins are released it can help kill bacteria, fungus and viruses and can decrease recovery time of animals if they are injured or sick. Shrimp will quickly swarm an indian almond leaves as they are introduced. Why do they do that? Well, they simply love the taste and they’ll eat the microorganisms (biofilm) that grow on them as they break down. Once the feast is over they’ll hide under the leaves to stay out of harm's way. Dinner and home? Does it get any better?

Our Nano Catappa Leaves on average are about 3.9"- 7.1" (10cm - 18cm) which is great for larger tanks.

Preparation: We recommend soaking the leaves in fresh water for a few days so it becomes waterlogged (sinkable) in the tank. Then you can simply place them at the bottom of your tank above the substrate, to enhance the natural appeal of the aquarium. 4x leaves per 10 gallon is what we do with our tanks, adjust as necessary depending on how you like your water to appear.

NOTE: Due to natural variations of each leaf they are all unique. The photo is a representation of what to expect.

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