Dead on Arriival (D.O.A.) Policy

We hold ourselves to a higher level and we take care of all our animals and only ship them out when they are healthy and ready to be shipped out. You will not receive unhealthy animals we check them each and everyday and attend to their needs as required. With that being said, we understand that things happen and we do our very best to take care of you.


  • Shrimp, crabs, plants
    • 100% delivered live guarantee
  • Claim must be sent within 24 hours of delivery
  • Any claims due to packaging not being tended to in a timely fashion are void; however, we will handle these by a case by case basis.
  • Dead on arrival monetary values
    • Less than $20
      • Shipped in future order
        • If replacements are dead on arrival as well, they will be shipped in a future order.


***All forms of guarantees are up to our discretion 

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